Claude Davis’s The Lost Ways Book

When Claude Davis wrote the book “the lost ways” he had no idea that his book would be one of the greatest controversies that had ever been seen. Everyone has at one time given his own the lost ways book review both positive and negative. However, what comes out clearly in the book is a masterpiece by its own standards.

This book offers an imminent approach to greater human fears and gives techniques on how to survive in the event of any calamity.


1. His lifestyle: Claude is said to reside in a lonely log cabin with his family. He attempts to reconnect with his ancestors by doing things the way they did such as wearing nothing but clothes he makes himself and cooking outside. This was his first motivation when he decided to write the book.

2. He also gives another reason as the current world is clearly drifting into a major catastrophe and as such needs to brace on how to survive. By developing survival instincts, it would be hard to be caught unawares should calamities begin striking.


The book “The Lost Ways” has thoughts on techniques said to have been when our forefathers lived. The ideas are presented to us as techniques that have been proposed by other realists; some of these realists have also been put in situations that warrant them to put into practice the same ideas.

A few of the ideas given are:

  • An idea that concentrates on how to naturally conserve water and food supplies when scarcity comes knocking.
  • Another is the idea of making bunkers that are able to withstand the greatest heights of ravaging brought about by earthquakes and /or missile attacks.

When we look at the book, there are three basic blocks that come out as inspiration to the reader and they include:

  • The notion that calamities in this life are inevitable: the program gives us the idea that at one point in our lifetimes we will be faced with a calamity that requires a survival skill; most calamities that hit us will most likely be beyond our power. Therefore, to avoid being caught unaware it is wise that we should be properly equipped.
  • Going by the past historic calamities it would be safe to deduce when calamity strikes it is an every man for himself kind of situation so the program argues. It is for this reason that it is of paramount importance on offering everyone some vital lessons on self-preservation. What a better way to survive tough times that get these skills?


  • It is not time-consuming as one can learn the skills in a day.
  • It is a portable program.
  • In case of any queries the customer care center is open all day and night every day.
  • The sixty-day money is refundable.
  • This program instills in an individual the essence of self-reliance.
  • Has an easy to follow guideline and provides the most appropriate solutions to inevitable disasters.


The major con of the program is; the whole program focuses solely on the measures to take in case of any disasters unlike adapting hands on dealings in curbing the occurrence of these disasters that would somewhat make a lot of sense.


Claude Davis’s book “The Lost Ways” has a more than the first approach to disasters. It tends to resonate well with both religion and science- something that is quite rare. It also offers practical solutions to calamities and keeps us in touch with the culture of our forefathers. It is through all this that the book makes an attempt to rebuild cultures and communities hence a plus for people of the current times.